Make Your Appointment Online

If you are an existing patient with us, you can click the button to schedule an office visit. This is for medical visits only. 

Please read the important information in the next section before scheduling your appointment.

Make Appointment


Important Information: Scheduling Your Appointment

In order to schedule an appointment with us, you must be an existing patient and the following information must match what we have in your medical chart:

  • Your full legal name 
  • Your date of birth
  • Your phone number

If the information you enter does not match what we have in your medical chart, the system will not be able to find you.

Types of Appointments

There are two types of appointments that you can schedule through our system:

  • Office visit with your primary care clinician (PCC)
  • Women's health annual exam (can be with your PCC or through the Women's Health Clinic)
  • Dental appointments

If you need to make another type of appointment, please contact your regular location to schedule. You can find our contact and location information here: 

Contact & Locations 

Text Reminders & Appointment Confirmations

It is important that we have a cell phone number on file for you. This will ensure that you receive appointment reminders by text. It is also the only way that the system will be able to send an appointment confirmation by text to you once you have made an appointment. If you use a landline for your phone number, the appointment status will say "Pending" when you schedule your visit because a confirmation text was not able to be sent. However, please be assured your appointment is scheduled.