Medical Student Rotations

Fourth Year Family Medicine Rotations are scheduled annually from August through January at SCHC. There is typically a waiting list, so early contact with the Program Coordinator is essential. Most successful students contact our program by February or March of their third year.

To help us better understand your learning needs, we request you submit:

  • Deans letter of good standing
  • Medical school transcript
  • Board or Step Score (if available)
  • Personal statement about your goals and interests in medicine.  Please describe why you would like to rotate at SCHC.

SCHC requires an affiliation agreement with your school.  This is essential and should be initiated at least three to four months prior to your anticipated rotation. Feel free to inquire with our Program Coordinator about your school’s affiliation agreement.

To apply or for further information about student rotations, please contact us at:

We are interested in fostering education of students and residents that will have a desire to give back to the underserved community and work in an underserved setting – rural, inner city, FQHC, reservation, NHSC, etc. Students will have exposure to many aspects of underserved care including: pain management, addiction medicine, street medicine and homeless outreach, motivational interviewing and other important topics.

SCHC is a Federally Qualified Health Center ranked in the top 1% of community health centers across the country. This rotation gives a strong experience in family medicine in the outpatient setting and also brings you into the hospital with our residents on medicine, pediatric and newborn services. Weekly Morning Report at Mercy Medical Center is an outstanding clinical didactic that prepares our residents well for their board and step exams.

Housing is provided to all rotating medical students. We have 2-bedroom condominium within driving distance to the clinic that may be shared with other visiting learners. 

Thank you for considering a student rotation at Shasta Community Health Center. We look forward to having you!

Note: Proof of COVID vaccine is required to work at SCHC.